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Rethink your repricing strategy. PricepointAI delivers lightning-fast repricing and powerful analytics that drive winning sales strategies. See results almost instantaneously: increased sales, higher profits, more Buy Box wins.

About Us

Our goal at PricepointAI is to upscale your business and stay competitive in the world of e-commerce. PricepointAI will help you achieve the highest price, win the Buy Box, and have better feedback and customer satisfaction. PricepointAI actively monitors the price changes of your competitors and reprices your products in real-time. PricepointAI is a powerful repricing tool that has the lowest plan rates. The PricepointAI team is known for repricing expertise and 'Best-in-Class' Customer Support to make sure you'll be successful.

Easy-to-navigate user interface puts information at your fingertips

Use the Dashboard to get a real-time snapshot of your repricing including:

  • SKUs repricing
  • Buy Box Eligible
  • Items at your Minimum and Maximum price
  • Items at Buy Box above maximum
  • Update your Amazon listings price

Customizable graphs and charts give you instant visibility and analysis that lets you adjust strategies to compete that benefit your business. PricepointAI examines the essential factors used by Amazon to award Buy Boxes and adjusts your prices within pre-set parameters accordingly. The result is more Buy Boxes, more sales, and higher profits.


Create your own tests and monitor performance over time.

  • View sales volume, Buy Box, and profit margin by marketplace, strategies, category, and fulfillment.
  • Analyze repricing strategies, product categories, time periods across a wide range of performance measures
  • Gain insights that help you adjust or extend each repricing strategy based on its effectiveness.
  • Identify and capitalize on trends to plan seasonal and long term repricing strategies.
  • Automatically update your Amazon listing price higher when you’re likely to win the sale.

GET PricepointAI

Detailed Reports Keep You Ahead of the Competition PricepointAI gives you the insights and control to beat the competition

  • Analyze your SKUs vs. your competition, understand their approach, and create strategies that keep you one step ahead. Decide who you want to compete with and develop individual repricing strategies against targeted competitors.
  • Track your repricing for every SKU. Detailed analysis of every price change provides insights on changes in the market, consumer behavior, competitive maneuvers and more.

Minimize Work

Easily upload listings from Excel or CSV documents with preconfigured or customizable fields. Compete with different sellers in different ways: Amazon, FBA, FBM and Buy Box.

Choose Your Package Based on Item Inventory Level Requirements

All options include comprehensive technical support via live chat and/or ticket.


$49 / month

  • 100 items
  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Ideal starting point for Sellers on Amazon™


$129 / month

  • 3,000 items
  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Ideal for sellers up to 3000 listings on Amazon.


$199 / month

  • 10,000 items
  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Leverage for growing products. At the best possible price point.


  • Unlimited items


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